India Tourism: Lucknow

For those who have not visited LUCKNOW yet, must know that being the capital city of UP (the most populated state), in India, LUCKNOW boosts of many social, cultural and musical heritages. Those who have visited the place will know that the place is rich in culture. The music and literature is the main draw of the place. The kings and sultans who have ruled the place in the 18th century have contributed a lot to the music and culture flourish. Apart from the cultural aspect the city of LUCKNOW also boosts of many heritage building whose history goes back a long way around three centuries back. What to do at sentosa singapore 

The BARA IMAMBARA is a magnificent structure which was built in the year 1784 by Asaf-ud-Daula and draws huge amount of crowd around the year. The history has it that while this famous structure was getting made around thousand of hapless people were employed. This place is a site of religious interests and hence many people around the world come here during the Muharram and Ed to offers prayers and pay respect to the all mighty. The main attraction of this place is the famous BHULBHULIYA (which is a maze having confusing passages). All these are major contributors to the UP tourism.

Apart from the BARA IMAMBARA the city also boosts of the CHOTA IMAMBARA. This is nothing but the smaller version of the IMAMBARA as the name suggests. The place was built in the year 1837 and was built by then ruler Mohammad Ali Shah. The area around the place hosts many tombs and the main building has a golden dome like structure. During important festivals like the Muharram and Ed the place looks gets lighted up and looks fantastic. The entire complex of the CHOTA IMAMBARA is also known as the HUSAINABAD IMAMBARA.

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